Bio Chemistry



The subject of Biochemistry although very young, yet has been gaining incremental importance in the field of medical sciences since its inception. Being part of Basic medical sciences it deals with chemical nature of life, fate of different chemicals ingested by living organisms and errors in the metabolism and genetic codons. It also solves the dogma of life and chemical communication systems operating in a living organism. The disorders created in genetic code, its replication, transcription and translation and metabolism by the xenobiotics, environmental hazardous chemicals and foreign organisms like fungi, bacteria and viruses are termed into disease which comes under the scope of clinical/medical Biochemistry.

The Department of Biochemistry Wah Medical College equipped with state of the art laboratory and departmental library has been tailor made to cater the needs of undergraduate medical students. Headed by Professor Dr. Syed Touqeer Abbas it has three Assistant Professors and three lecturers who are always available to quench the thirst of knowledge of the medical students.