“Anatomy forms the basic fabric upon which all other medical sciences are embroidered to produce a wonderful tapestry of the field of medicine”

The subject of Anatomy is related to the normal structure of the human body. Its teaching is commenced at the time of induction into a medical college and continues for the first two years. During this period, students appear twice for university examinations (part I & II of first professional MBBS).

In order to achieve the goal of making the students understand the normal structure of human body through a thorough teaching of the subject of Anatomy, the Wah Medical College has established a department as per rules and regulations laid down by PMDC and UHS. The affiliation between WMC and the department of Anatomy goes as far back as the inception of the college, as its establishment was one of the first steps taken by WMC and maintenance of its high standards is one of its ongoing objectives for which the administration of college and the faculty of department work as a team tirelessly.

Understanding the normal provides the foundation for apprehending the abnormal. Thorough study of Anatomy provides that very base for students to build their concepts of pre-clinical and clinical subjects upon, both at gross as well as microscopic level. Thus the importance of Anatomy as the very heart of the web of medical education cannot be over emphasized.


In order to achieve the objectives, a UHS formulated and approved curriculum is taught to the students in a department erected according to PM&DC regulations. Following teaching methodologies are adopted for that purpose:

  • Interactive Lectures & small group discussions
  • Live demonstrations with independent dissection of cadavers
  • Use of latest audiovisual aids, such as learning of gross Anatomy through 3D imaging software like “Human Atlas” and “Cyber Anatomy”
  • Laboratory experience – Histology
  • Student Assignments & Presentations


After imparting knowledge of different disciplines of Anatomy to the students of first and second year according to a UHS approved curriculum, it is essential to check their ability to reproduce the same and apply it clinically in a manner considered fit by the Department of Examination UHS. For this purpose a thorough evaluation methodology has been evolved by the department of Anatomy WMC, which not only provides the insight into academic performance of the individual student, but also gives an ongoing chance of improvement regarding teaching methodology of the teachers individually, and the department as a whole.


The department of Anatomy situated at the custom-designed, newly-built college campus houses a state-of-the-art dissection hall, a well-stocked museum, a histology laboratory equipped with latest teaching aids including projection and multi-head teaching microscopes, a capacious and modern mortuary, demonstration rooms and histology preparation room, offices of the professorial staff, lecturers and departmental staff. The department is also equipped with the latest/modern electronic teaching aids such as computers, printers, multimedia, slide and overhead projectors, epidiascope etc. to facilitate smooth and effective teaching/learning environment and working of the department.

 Academic Objectives:

 At the end of first and second year teaching tenure, the students should be able to:

  1. Describe the normal structure of the human body, both at gross and microscopic levels
  2. Describe the major events and processes involved in normal human development
  3. Correlate the normal structure of human body with its functions
  4. Apply knowledge of Anatomy to different clinical conditions and latest diagnostic techniques
  5. Apprehend the concepts of subjects taught from third year onwards relevant to Anatomy
  6. Clear the first professional MBBS part I and II examinations in the subject of Anatomy comfortably