Faculty of Comm Med

Faculty of Community Medicine Department




Research Interest

 dean Prof. Dr. Musarat Ramzan Dean & HOD FCPS, MCPS, CMT, MBBS Public Health

Medical Education

 06 Dr.Shezadi Sabah Imran Dr. Shezadi Sabah Imran Professor FCPS, MPH,    CHPE, MBBS Epidemiology of Health Problems

Medical Education

 03 Dr Robina Dr. Syeda Robina Mushtaq Rizvi Associate Professor FCPS, MCPS,  MSc, MBBS Public Health
 03 Dr Robina Dr. Sadia Nadeem Assistant Professor MCPS, MBBS Public Health Epidemiology
 05 Dr. Khola Waheed Dr. Khola Waheed Khan Assistant Professor  FCPS,  CHPE, MBBS Medical Education


 05 Dr. Khola Waheed Dr. Saleh Ahmed Lecturer  MBBS Public Health

Medical Education

 05 Dr. Khola Waheed Dr. Hurmat Saeed Lecturer  MBBS Public Health
 05 Dr. Khola Waheed Asad Ellahi Biostatistician M.Sc. ,M.Phil,  PhD (Research Scholar) Geo Statistics, Bio Statistics, Bayesian, Time Series, Functional Data Analysis
 05 Dr. Khola Waheed Hasfa Naeem Social Worker BS(Clinical Psychology ) Mental Health